Error: "1639. Invalid command line argument." when installing SCSM 2012 SP1

If you are installing System Centre Service Manager 2012 (SP1) and are receiving what appears to be quite a generic error Error: “1639. Invalid command line argument.” then hopefully this will save you some time.


Having spent a good few hours installing & reinstalling, trying different operating system versions (even though they were on a office supported list) I decided to pay attention to what the log file was actually telling me. Each time the installer got to the same place with “Setting SDK username and password”. The password I was trying to use in my lab environment and a ‘@’ symbol in it (no prizes for guessing what the password was I was trying to use!) Once I had changed my password and removed the @ symbol everything sprung into life.

This is rather annoying as the wizard itself accepts and is quite happy with password during the process or specifying the service and workflow account details.

Hope that saves someone a bit of time if they come across a similar issue.

Runbooks don’t show in System centre service manager

Recently I have had problems syncing Run Books for System Centre Orchestrator into System Centre Service Manager, if you go to Service Manager and manually run a sync job the sync will finish successfully but your new Runbook will not show up. Also if you go into the Orchestrator web console you won’t see the Runbook listed there either. This is a known issue by the looks of this Microsoft blog article.

To resolve the issue you need to reset the Authorization Cache on the Orchestrator database which can be done by going to the database and running the following query:


Once that is complete, re-run the Service Manager Runbook Sync and everything will be as expected.